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Water Floss
Water Floss
Water Floss
Water Floss
Water Floss

Water Floss

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Smile with bright clean teeth every single day!! :)



Name :Portable irrigator flosser

Waterproof Level: IPX7

Water Volume: 300 ml

Operating modes: normal, soft, pulse (massage)

Pulse frequency: 1400-1800 times / min

Water Pressure: 30-100PSI

Battery: 1400 mAh lithium battery

Charging: 4 hours a week (twice a day)

Power: 5 W

Key Features:

Comfortable design, brush your teeth thoroughly

300 ml large removable dropsy tank, 2 multifunctional spray tips, 3 different modes, 360 ° rotating nozzle

Memory function, ergonomic handle, sealed and waterproof flosser, easy to clean

Safe and convenient, effectively maintains oral health

Made of safe ABS material, IPX7.

USB rechargeable,4 hours of charge per week (twice a day)

Important information

Safety Warning

1. To extend battery life, please charge it quickly when power is insufficient.

2. Carefully instruct and Monitor children and individuals with special needs in the proper use of this product. Do not use as a toy


1. Please adjust the water to its lowest level for first use.

2. Fill the tank with water or other recommended solutions only. Do not add oil.

3. Do not use if you have an open wound in the tongue or mouth.

4. Do not direct water under the tongue, in the ear, nose, or other sensitive areas.