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Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover
Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover
Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover
Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover
Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover
Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover

Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner blackhead remover

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You deserve better cleaner, treat yourself.

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Deeply and gently!

Remove dead skin, blackhead acne, dirt and excessive oil.

Stimulate better absorption of nutrients and cream.

Get clean and elastic skin, fewer wrinkles, tightened pore, and improved skin metabolism.

Enjoy spa st home, saving your money and time from going to the expensive beauty salon.

The ultimate solution to get rid of your blackheads, esthetician Approved.

A water-based exfoliation treatment which must be used on wet skin. It produces sound waves to cleanse the skin gently for quick recovery. By the action of voltage, the skin scrubber decomposes melanin to achieve a deep cleaning, making your skin cells regain luster and elasticity.

Deep clean: clean your skin through high-frequency vibration, thus remove blackhead, acne, dead skin, makeup residue and oil in the pores. High-frequency vibration decomposes melanin and dark spot and makes your skin smooth, bright and elasticity.

3 usage modes: cleansing + moisturizing + lifting. Cleaning mode to clean your skin deeply and remove dirt and oil. And moisturizing mode to enhance leading-in nutrition and promote the absorption of skincare products. Lifting mode to lift and tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

Friendly for Sensitive Skin: Gently remove blackheads for sensitive skin due to its high-frequency cleansing technique and the ability to increase blood circulation. Safe for all skin types.

Easy to Use: The skin scrubber is equipped with a USB data cable for fast charging. It can be charged through PC USB ports, power banks and mobile phone chargers without hassle.

How to use it?

First, clean your face and open the pores by a hot towel or steamer, then turn on the scrubber and choose what mode you need. Apply appropriate skincare products for the mode.


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Questions & Answers

 Q1: What is the return policy, in-case I want to return this Skin Scrubber after purchasing?
A1: 365 Days – 24/7

Q2: Does the Skin Scrubber work well as the review says
A2: Yes, it works great!!

Q3: Does this product have any defectiveness upon usage?
A3: well, I never faced any issues so it’s all good to me!

Q4: I am thinking of getting this for my niece and cousins but I am not sure if they will like it, any suggestion?
A4: I bought this for a friend’s birthday and he loved it.

Q5: Does this product work well as described?
A5: works better than described on description, effective solution.

Q6: Does it remove facial hair as well?
A6: The scrubber doesn't remove facial hair but I did notice it helped ingrown hair pop to the surface in some cases.

Q7: Is this unit re-chargeable or does it need to be plugged in?
A7: It’s rechargeable, it comes with a USB charging cable

Q8: How does this work with removing Blackheads?? And is this better than the suction one?
A8: I like it just as well, and it doesn’t leave suction marks

Q9: How to clean this facial scrubber?
A9: just wipe the end off with water or alcohol

Q10: Does this have the plastic cover?
A10: Yes, it has a plastic cover to protect the stainless steelhead.

Q11: My problem is blackheads. Does this really work?
A11: I am also troubled by blackheads, it is very effective for me.

Q12: How often should this be used?
A12: cleaning mode can be used 2-3 times a week. The moisturizing and lifting mode can be used every day.