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Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Love that warm acoustic sound but still want to be able to turn the volume up?

Our Acoustisound system is a must-have for any acoustic guitar player. Our magnetic pickup allows you to amplify your acoustic guitar in seconds. All you need to do is clip the pickup to the soundhole and you’re ready to rock.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Get amazing acoustic tone and amplification without breaking the bank. No need to spend hundreds on buying an electric acoustic guitar. Our Acoustisound pickup makes it so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be able to turn up your acoustic playing. 

“I was looking into buying an acoustic that could be amplified and could barely find one that was less than 500 dollars. Buying the Acoustisound pickup saved me 450 and it sounds just as good”
-Happy Customer

Traveling without an amp? No worries. It’s easy to install and remove in seconds. Finally, you can take a guitar anywhere and get the best possible sound. Play it outside one hour and the next plug it in for a jam session!

Our pickup comes with a tone and volume dial so you can get the sound you want. It's a universal fit and will work with any normal acoustic guitar with steel strings.



  • Amplify your acoustic guitar

  • Volume and tone control

  • Easy to install and remove


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